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Chickpeas and pasta


Chickpeas and pasta

The best suited -pasta for this dish is the home-made “lasagnetta” which is made as follows. Mìx into dough 30.0 gms. offlour and some salted tepid water, so as to obtain a, velvety dough.

Forma fist-like balls roll them out with a rolling-pin, then cut out a finger large and a span long strips. Leave them to dry half a day. After having left 300 gm of chìckpesto soak ovemight in water with a pinch ofbicarbonate of soda, cook them in a kettle ond alow frame with some bavicaves salt and a lot of water.

Add some hot water from tìme to time. Then cook the “lasagnette” and put them with the chickpeas oò individuai dishes scasoning with oli. This is the usual recipe. In the arca of Lecce, they cook half ofthe pasta- in salt led water with sticks of celery and fry the remaining half in boiling oil.

Then add the pasta to the cooked chickpeas and leave to cook slightly.

Thcy go well with fried onion chopped fine.


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